+2.39% Bitcoin (BTC) 26360.49 EUR
+2.81% Ethereum (ETH) 1680.3 EUR
+1.95% Litecoin (LTC) 86.33 EUR
-0.24% B-Cash (BCH) 119.13 EUR
+0.34% Ethereum (ETH) 0.0643572 BTC
-0.69% Litecoin (LTC) 0.00330876 BTC
-3.00% B-Cash (BCH) 0.0045652 BTC
+0.91% Bitcoin (BTC) 28294.2511 USDC
+1.51% USD Coin (USDC) 0.94 EUR
+1.10% Bitcoin (BTC) 28289.999 USDT
+1.37% Tether (USDT) 0.94 EUR
+0.27% Chainlink (LINK) 6.85 EUR
-2.22% Chainlink (LINK) 0.00026325 BTC
-2.38% Dogecoin (DOGE) 0.07 EUR
-5.28% Dogecoin (DOGE) 0.00000269 BTC
-2.11% Uniswap (UNI) 5.59 EUR
-5.14% Uniswap (UNI) 0.00021502 BTC
-2.18% Cardano (ADA) 0.33 EUR
-4.69% Cardano (ADA) 0.00001301 BTC
+2.76% Tron (TRX) 0.05 EUR
0.00% Tron (TRX) 0.00000228 BTC
-1.08% Shiba Inu (SHIB) 0 EUR
+4.12% Zcash (ZEC) 34.4 EUR
+2.34% Zcash (ZEC) 0.0013231 BTC
0.00% Basic Attention Token (BAT) 0.00000876 BTC
+1.76% TradeFlow (TFLOW) 0.09842162 BUSD

Risk Warning

Last updated 28 May 2021
Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is extremely susceptible to volatile price changes. Trading with cryptocurrency involves a high risk – the crypto value is not stable by any means. Due to ever-changing conditions, whether they be rational or irrational, the crypto price may take outstanding peaks as well as hit rock bottom in a matter of days. This leads to some level of uncertainty. Over short or longer periods of time, cryptocurrency may drastically change its value which may lead to either huge benefits for the clients or great losses as well.

The information mentioned above is here to make you fully aware that cryptocurrency is not regulated by any government. It is of a decentralized nature when it comes to regulating its price. Crypto’s value is dependent on the supply and demand, as well as on the trust and development of blockchain technology worldwide.

Please be informed that all your crypto-asset transactions and operations are irreversible. 

If, in any case, we have missed mentioning any additional risks in our Terms of Use, then by any means it is the User’s responsibility to acknowledge them and have a deep understanding of the risks you may be facing when trading with crypto. 

payouthub.com does not state that cryptocurrency trading and having any crypto assets is an investment vehicle. payouthub.com does not express readiness to always buy back your crypto assets in the future. It is important for you to realize that trading and owning crypto assets is your responsibility only – it’s up to you whether or how you maintain your cryptocurrency belongings. You must always remember that by trading with crypto you are not protected by any law or government. That’s why we always advise our clients to invest only what they can afford to lose in the process. In order to be clear, we state that we use our banking providers to allow fiat deposits and withdrawals by our clients to and from payouthub.com. Our banking providers do not transfer or exchange crypto or provide any services in connection with crypto or any other digital tokens.